Web literacy will play crucial role in teaching methods: Honnekeri

Web Education in GoaPanaji: Director of State Council of Educational Research and Training Nagraj Honnekeri said that web literacy will play an important role in the teaching methods in Goa, and therefore, teachers should learn the technique themselves and make a revolution in the science of teaching.

Honnekeri, who inaugurated a workshop on ‘Web Literacy and Google Tools’, organised by Higher Secondary Teachers’ Association (HSTA) in collaboration with SCERT and Google Educators’ Group, informed the teachers that Google Educational Group has come forward with Goa Board, SCERT and directorate of Education to extend this knowledge of technology specially for the teachers of Goa from higher secondary and secondary sections.

Honnekeri said that there are various tools specially designed by Google for the teachers and students. Teachers being at the pedestal, they can make the utmost use of these Google tools for learning and teaching the young minds. He also informed teachers how they can make best use of Google hangouts and Whats App group, by asking questions and getting the replies immediately; if this happens and when it happens learning will take place and it will be more interesting.

He advised teachers to keep their minds open and make use of these new tools and said, “After few years teachers will have to use these technologies in the classroom transaction.”

Ganesh Daivajna, chartered accountant and president of Vidya Vikas Mandal, in his presiding speech said, “Today we are marching towards ‘Digital India’, and therefore, teachers should train students to aspire first and then inspire them to get amazing innovations.”

He cited the example of National Innovation Foundation, India (NIF), Ahmedabad that ignites students of schools across India to share their innovative ideas on how to build a better world.

Daivajna also said that the teachers should acquaint themselves with the new applications introduced in computer technology and have to make maximum use of these applications to mould the minds of the students.

Vinayak Angle, chairman of R M Salgaocar HSS, who was the guest of honour, said that new automation is a boon to the new educational system and teachers should be well equipped with this IT technology.

R Dalvi, principal of R M Salgaocar HSS, informed the teachers that Google is introducing new products on online learning and that practice is followed by some of the professional institutes of India.

Beena Naik, president of HSTA, gave the welcome speech and advised teachers to make the utmost use of these tools and make the teaching more innovative and learning for students more interesting.

Two teachers from various higher secondary schools participated in the one-day workshop, which was conducted in three phases for different higher secondary schools from Goa.

At the valedictory function, J Rebello, chairman of Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, who was the chief guest, said that he is happy that HISTAG, that is, teachers’ association has taken the initiative in using IT techniques, and now the revolution in teaching is on.

It is the teachers who would take the next generation of students to a level where they are the ultimate in this country and bring the revolution in the field of education, said Rebello.

Rebello also said, “We can carry this revolution forward.”  Within two years, he said he wants to have formative tests online so that everything becomes centralised and standardised for which we have to built the systems.”

“With the latest gadgets of information technology it will strengthen our teaching and make it strong, so the students need not look outside or beyond, and the need to go for tuitions will not arise and this will be in a way a great service to the nation.”

Presiding over the function, vice-president of Vidya Vikas Mandal Nitin Kunkolienkar said that strongly favours enabling the teaching learning system through IT encouragement.

He further said that there is no choice nowadays as it is a compulsion and added saying, “We need to be IT savvy.”

He complimented Rebello, SCERT, directorate of Education and HISTAG for taking this initiative.

Radha Chari, state co-ordinator of Learning Links, informed the teachers about the various tools designed by Google Educational Group.

The function was compered by Anita Dessai and Hemant Sail while Anant Pissurlekar and Shripad Bhat proposed the vote of thanks.