Teacher-training courses begin

Panaji: With a mission to improve the teaching-learning processes in rural Goan schools, the National institute of technology (NIT) Goa, on Sunday provided tutorials in computer-aided teaching to 50 teachers from four of the state’s village schools.
“Any institute of higher education should cater to the needs of schools close to it,” NIT director GRC Reddy said at the opening of the workshop, which took place in the presence of ambassador to Netherlands, Bhaswati Mukherjee. The 50 school teachers who received training were from four schools under the Priol panchayat.
While Dr Venkatanareshbabu Kuppili spoke to the teachers on how to carry out computation using spreadsheets, and delivered hands-on training in PowerPoint presentation and Excel, Dr Sarat Chardra Varma tutored them on preparing documents using MS Word, and Dr Sarani Ghosal gave the teachers lessons in soft skills.
The participating teachers were given the training at NIT’s computer lab.

NIT Goa is reaching out to the needs of school teachers across villages of the state through its Community outreach cell under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan.
The ministry of human resource development (MHRD), in 2014 had launched the programme with an aim to connect institutions of higher education, including Indian institute of technology (IITs), National institutes of technology (NITs) and Indian institutes of science education & research (IISERs), etc. with local communities to address the development challenges through appropriate technologies.
After the successful launch of the first phase of the programme, other centrally funded institutes like NIT Goa also decided to be part of the programme. A brief pilot study of the status of villages in Goa, and also about the functional roles to be played by the institute in the villages identified was carried out.
The Unnat Bharat Cell of NIT Goa was constituted in October with Reddy as mentor.