Students to get chappatis thrice a week

chapatiPanaji: From November 2 to 7, self-help groups supplying midday meals to schools across Goa will serve bread (pao) thrice a week with bhajji and chappatis for the other three days with bhajjion a trial-basis. Based on feedback during these six days, the directorate of education (DoE) will review the decision to replace pao with chappatis in the midday meals.

The DoE had issued a circular last week informing self-help groups supplying midday meals in schools that the rates offered to them have been hiked and the menu has been changed to replacepao with chappatis thrice a week. Self-help groups met chief minister and education minister Laxmikant Parsekar and later the director of education G P Bhat on Tuesday to discuss their difficulties in making a significant number of chappatis .

The self-help groups said that the process of making so many chappatis at a time was tedious and would lead to additional labour cost for them. The midday meal suppliers also told the director of education that chappatis could lose their softness by the time they are supplied to students.