State applauds CBSE circular on national anthem in institutes

398234-studentPANJIM: The Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) recent circular asking its affiliated schools to ensure national anthem is sung within the Constitution of India, has received applauds from all the educational institutions in the State. 
Besides the Central government-run schools, the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education affiliated schools have extended their support to the directive that asks starting the day by singing National Anthem with proper decorum and within the listed 52 seconds timeframe. 
The schools assert the anthem is an important part of every morning assembly. “We, the students, teachers and staff start our day by singing National Anthem. Our music teacher, entrusted with the duty to teach primary students on how to sing the anthem, conducts the song very assembly,” Principal of Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Vasco Central Saroj Kajur told Herald.
A KV, Verem official echoed the view stating they begin classes with singing the anthem. “It is a good attempt to foster patriotism among the young generation… Even before this circular was issued, our morning assembly always had National Anthem,” he said. 
Although the circular does not cover State-government affiliated schools, heads of these institutions have appreciated the CBSE’s move. “We sing the anthem on drum beats to maintain it within the given time frame. Students, at their initial stage of learning, are also taught to sing the anthem with correct usage of words,” Headmaster of Dr K B Hedgewar High School Vilas Satarkar stated. 
The circular that also provides links giving the exact wordings of the full version of the anthem and its playing time, which is approximately 52 seconds, were forwarded to about 16,000 CBSE affiliated schools. “In all schools, the day’s work may begin with community singing of the National Anthem. School authorities should make adequate provision in their programs for popularising the singing of the national anthem and promoting respect for the National Flag among students,” the instructions issued to schools by the board, stated. 
CBSE-attached Sunshine Worldwide Secondary School Principal Anil Kashyap stated they also ensure that National Anthem is sung during all national and patriotic events besides regular school days. 
Commenting in his personal capacity, Goa Board Chairman J R Rebello recalled playing and singing the anthem during the earlier schools days too, and on various occasions.