Scheme for Promotion of Science Education notified

The government has notified the Scheme for Promotion of Science Education, aimed towards boosting education in pure sciences. The scheme includes components like ‘Catch Them Young’, ‘Support for Patents’, ‘Support for Exhibition of Research-based Projects’, and ‘Support for Project Proposals’.

“In recent years, the trend is to join technical courses, which are market driven, offering better employment opportunities, quick money and comfort level,” the notification states, observing, “In the process pure sciences suffer. “This will have an adverse effect on supply of quality science teachers at school, higher secondary and collegiate education,” it adds, pointing out, “This will also have an adverse impact on research and development in science.”

“The scheme for promotion of science education therefore has been basically designed with the intention to promote general degree education in pure sciences so that quality manpower to the educational institutions and scientific laboratories is assured,” the notification maintains.

The ‘Catch Them Young’ component envisages that every student scoring 75 per cent and above marks at class XII examination and seeking admission for BSc courses – grant-in-aid as well as self-financing – would receive a scholarship of Rs 2,000 per month, for maximum of thirty months, till he completes his course. In addition, such a student will also be provided with a book/equipment grant to a maximum of Rs 5,000, per year, subject to production of fee receipt and relevant expenditure certificates.

For renewal of this scholarship, a student would need to secure minimum of 60 per cent marks at first year as well as second year B Sc course. The students should also have passed their exams in one and same sitting.

The ‘Support for Patents’ component envisages that any student or a teacher who files a patent would be entitled to receive a grant of Rs 10,000. Furthermore, if this patent is achieved/ granted, he/ she would be entitled to receive Rs 40,000. If any of these patents are converted into commercial ventures, an amount of Rs 1lakh would be given as an incentive.

The ‘Support for Exhibition of Research-based Projects’ component of the scheme envisages that any recognised institution, which plans an all-Goa exhibition of research-based projects would be entitled to receive a maximum grant of Rs 1 lakh towards prizes and organisation of exhibition. In any given year, two such exhibitions would be sanctioned. The institution planning to hold such an exhibition will have to apply to the directorate of higher education.

The ‘Support for Project Proposals’ component envisages that any college, which submits a research project related to science and technology as applicable to Goa would be eligible to receive grants under the scheme.

However, the research project should be in the area of science and technology as applicable to Goa; it should be useful to the economic development and welfare of the people of Goa; the project should be a fresh project and should not have availed any assistance from the state government, government of India or All India bodies like UGC, AICTE, DST, etc; every teacher who submits the project should have a minimum of Ph D qualification in the relevant area; only full time, regular, and permanent teachers should submit the project; and the project should be completed over a period of maximum two years.[NT]