Making education tech savvy

‘TechReEd’ – an education company has developed an app Eduguardian. Its CEO, Gogol-based Rohan Desai speaks to NT BUZZ of how the app can be used to meet the needs of parents and teachers for a better growth of future adults.

As years roll by, technology has proved itself beneficial. On the other hand, it has also interrupted and disturbed the many lives and relationships. While one gets to stay in touch with someone residing elsewhere, the same person is anonymous to the person living next door. In such situations, it is very difficult for a parent to track the activities of their children and their peer groups. TechReEd, short for Technologies Revolutionalising Education, is an Education technology company established by Gogol-based Rohan Desai. The company has now opened doors for schools in Goa to link up education and technology in an innovative way through EduGuardian. The app can be used on various devices like smartphones and computers and promises to help parents know their children better.

CEO and international marketing manager TechReEd Rohan Desai says: “The interaction between parents and children is decreasing by the day. This has adverse effect on the child’s life by inculcating in bad habits. So it is necessary for parents to be updated about their child’s schooling. Though there is no substitute to personal interaction but technology can keep the parents updated about their peer groups or behaviour in class that can help them to take action in time and prevent a disaster.”

Talking about the features of EduGuardian, Rohan says, “EduGuardian is very versatile and easy to use product. It can be used by teachers to communicate to their students’ parents on daily basis. Regular notices ranging from attendance to homework, notes or emergencies can be communicated in real time. The app is used to display events and timetables to parents and students.” The app also helps teachers to connect with parents to handle issues without causing any public humiliation to the student.

Besides its access through website and emails, the app also contains a feature to send an SMS. “A quick and short message to parents about any event or emergency is of great help,” says Rohan.

The app can also be used to revise a class, in case a student has missed it, by sharing short videos. “This will save time and energy of teacher to recollect and recap what she taught the last time,” says Rohan. The app is built in consultation with 800 parents and 100 teachers; hence it has a very user friendly interface.

Apart from Rohan, there are ten core members, including chief operational officer and chief technology officer Bikram; chief creative officer and UX UI developer, Gautam Toraskar; chief deployment officer and marketing manager, Tushar Velingkar; chief mobile developer, Kashi; chief product assurance officer, Fraddy Oliveria; backend developer, Prasad Velip; sales – Africa region, Anansewaa Kwadwo; sales – North America region, Mark Ali; sales – East-Asia region, Chan Ong.

In India, schools like Oxford Worldwide School (Bengaluru), Vidya Mandir (Pune), Shishu Vatika (Pune), Matoshri English Medium School (Pune), Vidyadhar English Medium School (Pune) use the professional version of EduGuardian for quality communication. However, schools based outside India such as Humpty Dumpty, Kumasi Ghana Africa; Angels of heaven, Ghana; GIIS, Ghana; Dun School, Singapore are using the enterprise version of the app. “Currently we have launched a special version for the schools of Goa. It is a very affordable and basic version that even the schools in the interiors of Goa can access,” says Rohan.

Talking about the vision of TechReEd, Rohan says: “To provide best in quality technologies which would revolutionise education. We want to connect all stake holders like parents, students, teachers and management to make education more organic and people friendly.”

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