King’s School students excel

studentsThe King’s School students secured one silver medal and three bronze medals. The achievers were Lynn Angela Rebello (Class V) as he secured the silver medal in time-trial race as well as bagged the bronze medal in Rink 2 race.
Tahira Rodrigues (Class VIII) secured the bronze medal in time-trial race, Mukhti Verlecar (Class III) took the bronze medal in Rink 2 race.
Neha Verlecar (Class I), Aiman Khanyari (Class II), Craig D’Cruz (Class III), Amitosh Panandikar (Class IV), Kizito Rodrigues (Class VI), Vinayak Madkaikar (Class VII), Aditya J Patil(Class VII), Anmol Panandikar(Class VII), Muhammad Beg(Class VIII) and Necholi Kamal Kumar (Class VIII) were part of the Goan CBSE skating team from The King’s School, representing Goa.
The following students of The King’s School are selected by the Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs, Goa to participate in the forthcoming 61st National School Games 2015-16 in Roller Skating U-11, U-14, U-17 and 19 Boys and Girls to be held in Belgavi (Karnataka) from December 3 to 8. Rudra Dalal, Vedant Vernekar, Mukthi Verlecar, Lynn Angela Rebello, Nishita Hegu, Vinayak Madkaikar, Anmol Pai Panandikar, Naomi Velho, Muhammad Beg, Necholi Kamal, Noah Velho, Aditya Patil.