Govt doctor’s certificate a must for board ‘writer’

Panaji: The Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has issued a circular informing schools that, in case a student is injured in an accident during the Class X and XII public exams, only a certificate of injury from a government doctor will be accepted by the board. The letter from a doctor is required to be submitted to the board if the injured student requests for a writer to write the paper.

“If a candidate suffers an injury just before or during the examination days, i.e. in case of a fracture, the Goa Medical College (GMC) and hospital case file must be presented to avail the concession of a writer. If, for some reason, the file is not immediately available, the child will be allowed to take a writer, but his/her result will not be given till the case file, with authorized signatures from GMC, is handed over to the board. If the parent is unable to furnish the file, the child will be disqualified from the exam,” the Goa Board circular to schools states.

Officials said that the rule has been introduced to end any possibility of malpractice by students.

“When concessions are being asked for, for more than 5% of the class (for readers and writers), a second level of monitoring will be instituted, where the children’s needs would be assessed by a body of experts constituted by the Goa Board,” the circular states.