Goa gets central funding to improve math skills

After it emerged that the performance of Goa’s Class X students in mathematics was far below the expectation in the latest National Achievement Survey (NAS), the state has been allotted central government funds to improve students math skills. Under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA), Goa schools will get grants for math and science kits, among other aid.
Around 3,500 Class X students in Goa can avail 6.9 lakh for excursions within Goa and 100 students will get funds of two lakh for a trip outside the state to witness different science and math projects.
Another 53 schools will get 1,200 each to acquire maths kits and 5,400 each to purchase science kits, to make learning the subject interesting with the use of props.
Goa has also been allotted one lakh per district to conduct science and mathematics week activities for school students under RMSA.

Only two percent of Class X students of Goa have scored 75% or above in mathemateics. As per NAS of Class X students, in 2015, this performance is below the average overall achievement mark set for states.
Of the five subjects -mathematics, English, social sciences, science and modern Indian languages – in which the students’ performances were assessed, the highest percentage of those who scored below 34% was in mathematics. Close to 50% of the Class X students surveyed under NAS in Goa had scored 34% or below.
In comparison to mathematics, only 5% of Class X Goa students scored below 34% in English and 21% students scored 75% and above marks in the language.
The first cycle of the NAS for Class X was conducted in 2015 to assess the learning levels of students across the country. It is for the first time that Class X students’ learning levels were assessed.