GITP to rebrand Goa as ‘365 days of innovation’

Rather than wait for the state government to take the lead, Goa IT Professionals (GITP) decided to go ahead and help rebrand Goa from being 365 days on a holiday to 365 days of innovation. Taking advantage of the IIT Bombay Alumni Association’s Global Business Forum 2015, Goa IT Professionals (GITP) made a fresh attempt to showcase the talent and potential Goa had as an IT and knowledge hub.

Much to the surprise of the policy makers, innovators and business heads who had gathered for the annual international conference, Goa IT Innovation Centre (GITIC) director Jervis Pereira made a strong pitch for Goa as the next destination for IT innovation and investment. A positive development following the 45 minute session was the interest shown by three start up accelerators to start operations in Goa given the potential scene in Goa.

“Around 10 people expressed their interest in investing in Goa,” Pereira said.

Pointing out that with over 150+ startups along with major IT consultants like TCS and Persistent, Pereira said that Goa offered a great opportunity for innovators and investors.

The session also served as a reference point for companies that were looking to expand or start their operations in Goa as it highlighted the several industry bodies and groups that could handhold startups and innovators through the initial phase.

While it would appear that projecting Goa as an IT destination would be foolhardy and wishful thinking, Silicon Valley innovators and startup accelerators stated that global tourist destinations, like Goa, often made the transition to IT innovation hotspots within 20 years.

Pereira also announced that the government was in the process of offering up startups a free plug-n-play office space.

“The general reaction was one of pleasant surprise as most attendees never imagine this extent of technology innovation happening in Goa,” GITP vice president Vincent Toscano said.