GITP finds quality of IT education in Goa poor, proffers suggestions

Panaji: Goa information technology professionals (GITP) have found IT education in engineering colleges lacking, resulting in a handful of students being picked up during campus recruitments. They believe that a cut-off should be introduced so that only students who put in hard work, qualify for an engineering seat. “If seats remain vacant so be it. We should not have incompetent students in professional colleges. Without the notion of competence we will have incapable students getting into the IT industry which will in turn bring a bad reputation to the state,” a statement issued by GITP said.

As responsible professionals, the group wants to change whatever is not in tune with current trends and needs of the IT industry and have petitioned the director of technical education, principals of technical institutions and faculty of colleges with simple suggestions which will ensure that a skilled workforce is generated in the state.

Assignments must encourage students to develop investigative skills, learn practical use of concepts and apply their knowledge to real world problems. The faculty also shouldn’t insist that entire programs and algorithms be written on paper. “Any sensible professional will testify that this practice is pointless. A program that is shown to be working on a computer should be considered as a completed assignment. The algorithm should be written in short only to probe that students have understood it,” they stated.

GITP further encouraged colleges to store all files as MS-Word documents instead of on paper. They believe that students should be continuously evaluated through assignments. “Semester exams already evaluate the students based on course content and hence, internal tests prove to be redundant. “They, therfore, suggest programming contests that last an entire day, as another method of continuous evaluation. Problems can be defined by faculty members and given to teams who will then work independently to win credit points.

The IT advocacy group also proposes that projects undertaken by final year students be showcased on the college website to provide a platform for students to invite venture funding if their project has business potential. This, they feel, will also prevent copying and repetition of projects done in other colleges. Students should be encouraged to take up projects as a startup or with a startup or with the government or to solve a common/social issue. Marks should be given for participation in national level contests too, they recommend.

GITP has also proposed to set up a professional IT system in colleges where faculty members and students will have login ids, teams of students will be system defined, faculty members will post assignments, students will add documents that describe the solution to the problem. It is the duty of educational institutions to recommend changes to the governing body and implement these.

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