Class XII Goa board exams begin from today

Around 15,000 students of class XII of the Goa board of secondary and higher secondary education will be put to the test on Monday as they begin their board exams. The examinations will be held from 10am till 12:30pm. On the first day, students will be tested in English language I and Marathi language I. Marathi language II will follow on Wednesday. Students will answer accountancy, physics and history papers on Friday.

They will then benefit from the long weekend break and return on Tuesday, March 8, for the chemistry and business studies exams. The economics, biology and geology papers will be held on March 10 and Hindi language II and Portuguese language II papers on March 11.

March 14, will have just one examination, sociology, while March 15 will have mathematics and statistics examinations. Co-operation, banking, logic and computer science will be held on March 16 and geography and secretarial practice on March 17 and 18. March 19 will see six papers in English language II, Urdu language II, French language II, Konkani language II, Sanskrit language II and painting. Psychology and cookery exams will be held on March 21 and the political science paper on March 28 will mark the end of the examinations.