3-year bond a must for medical postgrads

GMC_buildingPanaji: Students completing postgraduate degrees or diplomas in any faculty of the Goa Medical College (GMC) will have to compulsorily serve a three-year bond wherein the successful candidate will be required to work in a government hospital or any other medical institute under the public health department.

The candidate will not able to wriggle out of the posting under the pretext of completing further education. A fresh notification by the public health department has removed the loophole which was taken advantage of by many doctors not wishing to work in government hospitals as part of the bond. Though the public health department has been executing bonds for the last three years, a health official said many, after completion of their PG or diploma courses, have left without serving their bond on the grounds that they want to study further.

The new notification clearly says no exemption shall be granted under any circumstances, including that of higher studies without completing the stipulated period of service under the bond as directed by the government.

The public health department will require to issue the direction calling successful candidates to serve the bond within six months of the date of completion of the postgraduate course.

A health said that the public health department should do well not to delay issuing the order as delay it would allow successful candidates to decline any posting given as part of the bond.

He said the public health department which has been currently facing a shortage of doctors, particularly specialists, can benefit in a big way if it diligently starts executing bonds.

A senior medical practitioner posted in South Goa said that the problem of non-availability of doctors in primary health centers in the rural belt can be taken care of to a large extent if doctors completing their diplomas and postgraduate degree courses are posted there.

A heath department official said that when orders are issued to work in a rural health centre, requests pour in to give a posting elsewhere. If posted in the GMC they are still not inclined to join the premier as the workload is more.