Smart classrooms set to be launched in four government colleges

PANAJI: Equipped with Rs 4 crore in central government funding, four government colleges — in Sakhali, Quepem, Khandola and Margao — will introduce smart classrooms during this academic year.

“With the launch of this concept, teachers will not be permitted to teach in the old style. The faculty at all four colleges will be adequately trained,” director of higher education, Prasad Lolayekar, said. He also said that the four colleges could likely be the first such institutions in the state to adopt the smart classroom project.

 In smart classrooms, there is no scope for conventional teaching, which largely involves teachers using blackboards and students taking notes as subjects are explained. The new concept involves four components, the first being an interactive board with in-built software of the respective subjects. “Such boards will automatically tweak a diagram or picture drawn by a teacher if it happens to be incorrect. There will be no need for chalk. Teachers will able to use their finger to write or draw,” Lolayekar said.
The second component of the new teaching method is a document camera that will help magnify documents or notes. The third part comprises a touch-responsive tablet or pad that will reflect movements made by both, teachers and students onto the interactive board.
An e-podium comprises the fourth component and will facilitate convenient means for storage of audio and visual equipment. Lolayekar said the facility would not only allow lectures to be recorded but would also make the idea of virtual classrooms a reality for the four government colleges. He clarified that the smart classroom concept was not aimed at cutting down on teachers but on introducing technology to facilitate better teaching practices.
This article was first published on Times of India on Jun 29, 2018