Board-of-Directors timeline goa

A board of directors is a group of individuals responsible for running an organisation & is responsible for the smooth coordination and efficiency of the departments in GoaTimeline.

The pannel heads at Goatimeline is a heady mix of professional and creative expertise.

  • Mr. Manjunath N. Pujari,Chairman, Post Graduate in Administration and Management, with more than 30 years of media experience
  • Mrs. Shanthi M. Pujari, Director, Graduate
  • Ms. Shwetha M. Pujari, Executive Director, holds a Bachelors Degree in IT
  • Mr. Arjun M. Pujari, Managing Director, an Electrical Engineer

Goatimeline’s Board of Directors have ensured smooth flow, quality services, co- ordination amongst team members and its clients have of Goatimeline’s Life and Style Magazine – Timeline GOA – is the latest talk of our tinsel town and has had voraciousreaders gasping for more. Known to provide quality advertising services, Goatimeline successfully continues to excel with divisions like advertising, printing, public relations and event management and expands to a vast clientele ranging from corporates, public institutions to entrepreneurs. Goatimeline’s Daily Newspaper, 24 hours TV Channel, FM Radio and upcoming media plans have reckoned its supremecy and marked its leverage as compared with its competitors. Talk of exhibitions and Goatimeline Group is undoubtedly the leader