20th-64th: Has gu really slipped so much?

Last year, GU was 20th out of 233 institutions in the National Institute of Ranking Framework (NIRF). This year, it is 64th out of 724. Has GU slipped three times? VC Professor Varun Sahani insists that in terms of ratio, it’s a minor drop, but that doesn’t obliterate serious challenges GU faces in holding its place among India’s best. VIBHA VERMA toothcombs the campus to do a comprehensive audit of GU

Shocked over the dropping in its ranking by National Institute of Ranking Framework (NIRF), Goa University (GU) – that earned good reputation for upgrading its educational system year after year — has said that “the ranking criteria adopted by the agency was completely in favour of big universities.”
“Soon after the ranking were released, we had ordered an internal inquiry and the report indicated that ranking criteria adopted by the NIRF was completely in favour of big universities like JNU and BHU,” Goa University’s Registrar Y V Reddy told Herald.
State’s lone university had its ranking dropped at 64th position from 20th pressing a panic button amongst the academicians and the State government. The ranking came despite the fact that the university was given top grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), three years back, further hiking its standard across the country.
The inquiry committee, Reddy revealed, sent a report to the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) suggesting to re-look at the criteria since GU is not a central university. “A single/uniform criterion for all universities is not feasible considering various aspects and as such, crossing the Central universities will not be possible. The MHRD Ministry has assured to examine the ranking system,” Registrar Y V Reddy added.
Interestingly, the NIRF ranking was launched during the last academic year itself. The drop indeed came as a shocker for the university, but the concerned authorities who examined the ranking said that increasing number of universities participating in the NIRF process has pushed it downwards. As per them, the GU ranked 20th among 233 universities that applied last year while this year, as many as 724 universities applied for the ranking in which GU was slipped to 64th position.
“It is clear is that in terms of ratios – 20 out of 233 and 64 out of 724 – our ranking should have been not at the 64th position but at the 62nd position. Arithmetically there is a decline of two positions since the last year,” Vice Chancellor Prof Varun Sahani was quoted as saying.
Even during the past ranking wherein 19 universities ranked above GU, about 15 were supported by the Central government at a level much higher than what is available to a state university like GU.
In his statement in the annual report 2015-16 of the Goa University, the then V-C Satish Shetye had said that as more universities participate in the ranking exercise, GU’s standing will come under pressure. “So will our grade as NAAC tightens its processes for assessing of universities. The university has therefore decided to strengthen our practices that pursue excellence