14,000 kids enrolled to study English last year, just 1,700 opted for Konkani

PANAJI: In 2016-17, the highest ever number opted to join English-medium schools in Goa, with 14,330 enrolling in Class I to study in the language. In comparison, the number that joined Class I in Konkani-medium schools stood at just 1,793, which was even lower than the previous year, as per the latest statistical publication released by the directorate of education (DoE) for 2016-17.

A controversy has been raging in Goa over whether the state should fund primary education in languages other than regional languages. The report of a state committee on the issue is awaited, with a section of the parents asking the government to amend the Goa School Education Act, making permanent the decision to continue grants to the 127 English-medium primary school that had recently opted to change their medium of instruction from the mother tongue.

In 2016-17, 7,545 students chose to enrol for Class I in the Marathi medium, also a drop by over 200 students from the previous year.

[This article was 1st published on Times of India on 9th June 2017]